The biggest celebration of piano producers, renovators and tuners.


The congress will take place on 2-4 September 2022


The organizer of the meeting in Poland is the Polish Piano Tuners Association, a member of Europiano.

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SPSF is ready to host Piano Congress

Due to the worldwide pandemic, the Association of Polish Piano Tuners asked Europiano and the IAPBT to postpone the organization of Piano Congress 2021 by for one year, while emphasizing that after 20 months of organizing the congress we are ready to organize it.

Congress of delegates in Kalisz

In May 2018, during the Europiano congress in Italy, we announced our accession ability to organize the next Europiano congress. In October 2018, we organized a three-day meeting of delegates in Poland. It was the first time in the history of Europiano such a big- zbyt pospolite słowo meeting. Nearly 60 people from most European organizations associated in Europiano came to Kalisz. The honorary patronage over the meeting was assumed by the president of Kalisz, who welcomed the delegates in the reception hall of the town hall. We organized a visit to several renovation factories and a gala dinner with the participation of most of the renovation companies. The delegates considered the meeting in Kalisz as an organizational success. That is why they decided to entrust the Piano Congress 2022 to SPSF organization. 100 percent delegates voted in favor of the Europiano convention and the IAPBT Convention in Warsaw.

Preparations for Piano Congress

After the meeting in Kalisz, we started working almost immediately. We proposed the theme of the Congress (Piano yesterday, today and tomorrow with an emphasis on European producers). We developed the logo and name of the event – Piano Congress 2022. We found a one-storey hotel according to the criteria indicated by Europiano (Double Tree by Hilton was chosen), which can accommodate from 250 to even 700 people, and over 1000 people in the conference room. In 2019, the Polish delegation participated in the Europiano meetings in April (Frankfurt / Germany), July (Ludwigsburg / Germany) and November (Segovia / Spain) and the IAPBT Convention (Hamamatsu / Japan). We are in constant contact with the authorities of Europiano, with whom we consult the topic, program, selection of speakers and the place of the congress. Europiano’s management board during a visit to Warsaw in January this year they accepted the congress’s budget and participation price. In May 2019, we launched a website, an account on the facebook social network, and in October 2019, we created a congress office. We have hired a person to organize the congress.

Congress Partners

The SPSF has signed an agreement with the Fryderyk Chopin Institute (NIFC) (the organizer of the International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition). NIFC will take care of the first part of Piano Congress2021 in the field of historical instruments. There will be three events: the history of the piano, the reconstruction of historical instruments, and the copying of historical instruments. Moreover, NIFC will organize a gala concert at the Royal Castle in Warsaw for the opening of the Piano Congress. Also, there will be workshops on the preparation of a historical piano for the concert, conducted by Paul McNulty. Advanced talks are underway with regard to acquiring new institutional partners and honorary patronage from the authorities.


In March 2020, as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, our original plans were ruined. President Europiano suggested shortening PianoCongress 2021 from 4 to 3 days, limiting the program, thanks to which it would be possible to reduce the cost of participation in the congress. Every week we know more and more about the effects of the epidemic in individual countries and the prospects of overcoming it. Despite the revision of the Congress program and the participation prices, participants and exhibitors have suspended all decisions related to PianoCongress 2021. There is no one to organize PianoCongress next year. 

In 2021, we will be in the middle of the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic and there may be such a situation that in May 2021 nobody will be able to come to Europe. Regardless of where the Piano Congress would be held. Therefore, taking into account the safety of participants, their life and health, the congress cannot be organized in 2021.
Therefore, at the meeting in July this year. in Warsaw, with a representative of Europiano and IAPBT, we applied for the postponement of the organization of Piano Congress 2022 by one year. Various events around the world are postponed not only from 2020, but also from 2021. Our conclusion follows a global trend.

President of SPSF
Andrzej Chabracki

„The art of piano making in Europe: past, present & future”

Pianos have been constructed in Europe for more than 300 years. The history of their construction is one of the most beautifull aspects of industry. Major economic crises, changes in political systems and even the two terrible world wars which took place in Europe, were all unable to destroy the passion for creating pianos.

The art of piano construction always was & still is inseparble from the art and culture of music, both at home and in public performance. The construction of pianos has always been inspired by both: composers and pianists. They have shown piano builders new trends and have articulated their desires and expectations regarding the quality, length, clarity and intensity of sound. A very important factor was and is the construction of an instrument which is also very friendly to the performer. The keyboard and action are essential elements in every piano, which act as an extension of the performer’s fingers.

In Europe, tradition and modernity have always existed together, forming a cohesive whole. Through all this time, piano constructors searched for innovations and new acoustic solutions, making use of the latest technology. Contemporary piano construction is also a living art, based on non-stop development, improvement & enrichment. Europe is unique in producing pianos with such a rich variety of sound, colourisation and nuance.

We hope to present our achievements, with reference to our tradition & history. Therefore, we will exhibit pianos from various historical periods from the 18th & 19th century – the golden age of piano comstruction – along with contemporary instruments. There will also be presentations of the technology for renovating used pianos. Poland, and in particular the town of Kalisz, have become major European players in piano renovation and we would like to show how pianos are renovated even in small workshops.

historical instruments

piano in Europe and its renovation

lectures, seminars and workshops

exhibition of producers of European instruments

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