"Piano - yesterday, today and tomorrow"

During 2-4 September 2022, Warsaw will be a meeting place for piano tuners, piano manufacturers, piano accessories, dealers and piano restoration companies from around the world. During these days, an international meeting of the piano industry will take place – Piano Congress 2022.

300 years of history

For over three hundred years, pianos have been manufactured in Europe. Their history is one of the most beautiful pages of the industry. Neither great economic crises, changes in the political system, nor the two most terrible world wars which swept through Europe, have destroyed the passion for creating pianos. The art of making pianos has always been inextricably linked with the art and culture of music, not only the applied kind, but also, and perhaps above all, the kind of music of the highest order.

From time immemorial, creators, i.e. composers and performer-pianists have inspired piano builders. They set new trends for them, articulate their desires and expectations regarding sound quality, its length, transparency, clarity and intensity. An important factor was and is the construction of an instrument which is also very comfortable for the performer. In pianos, the essential element is the mechanism and the keyboard, making it an extension of human fingers.

In Europe, tradition and modernity run together and form a coherent whole. Throughout the years, innovations, new acoustic solutions and the latest technology have been sought after. Even today, the art of piano making is a living art of creating instruments, subject to constant changes, diversification, enrichment.

The idea of the congress is to show how the design, construction and work on pianos has changed over the years; how it looks today and what challenges it brings.

We will also want to show the European heritage of keyboard instruments, referring to tradition and history. We will show instruments from different eras, those from the piano’s golden ages in the 18th and 19th centuries, but also those produced today. There will also be a presentation of technologies related to the renovation of used instruments. Poland, and especially Kalisz, has become a European powerhouse in the field of instrument restoration.

The challenges of today

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic brought new challenges for producers and piano technicians. During this time, the work of tuners moved from the stage to the private houses and flats of musicians or piano users. This showed how important the comfort of a musician’s work is in a private space, therefore we would like to present the widest possible range of solutions for quiet piano and piano playing systems to a wide audience.

The pandemic has also shown that the major change in the piano manufacturing market is the collapse of instrument supply chains. Therefore, we plan to present a wide range of instrument manufacturers not only from Europe, but from all over the world. We want to contribute to improving the availability of pianos and upright pianos by establishing new business relationships or opening up new markets. This will improve competitiveness and, consequently, the quality of the pianos themselves that customers have access to. 

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