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Pianoforte Concert Management

Established in 2005, Pianoforte Concert Management Company deals with the rental of pianos and other keyboard instruments for concerts together with transport and tuning services. Three teams, including a tuner, deliver pianos to concerts all over Poland and Europe almost every day. We also have a Piano Sales Showroom and several practice rooms in Warsaw, 9 Chmielna Street.

The main logistician and tuner in Pianoforte Concert Management company is Mirosław Mastalerz, who has over thirty years of experience in the profession of a piano tuner – equalizer.

At the pianists’ disposal, we have Steinway & Sons pianos (all models), Yamaha pianos (model S6 and C7) and a Malmsjo Grand Banana piano from 1934. In total, more than 10 grand pianos and several upright pianos, a celesta and a harpsichord. We have catered for around 10,000 concerts since our inception.

We cooperate with pianists such as Leszek Mozdzer, Janusz Olejniczak, Waldemar Malicki, Artur Dutkiewicz, Stanisław Soyka, Slawek Jaskulke, Pawel Tomaszewski, Dominik Wania, Kuba Stankiewicz, Krzysztof Herdzin, Krzysztof Dys, Piotr Orzechowski, Marek Bracha, Kamil Pacholec, Jakub Kuszlik, Kasia Pietrzko, Artur Moon and others.


First concert of young pianists

One of two piano concerts performed by young pianists. 6 young pianists from all over Poland will perform: Pulawy, Warsaw, Cracow, Katowice and Bytom (students of music schools of the first and second degree).

Szymon Kania (kl. III/4)
Teacher: Rafał Maciąg MA, Romuald Twardowski State Primary Music School in Puławy
Presented piece: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) – Two-voice invention in B minor BWV 786.

Stanisław Makuracki (kl. V)
Teacher: Małgorzata Kluźniak-Celińska, MA, Marian Sawa Secondary Music School in Warsaw
Presented work: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750) – Prelude and fugue in E minor BWV 855

Maja Sikorska (kl. V/6)
Teacher: Waldemar Król, MA, Bronisław Rutkowski Primary and Secondary Music School in Kraków
Featured work: Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849) – Lento con gran espressione cis-moll op. posth

Joanna Jasnowska (kl. II)
Teacher: Anna Stempin-Jasnowska, Ph.D., Professor, Grażyna Bacewicz State General Music School Complex No. 3 in Warsaw
Presented work: Fryderyk Chopin (1810-1849) – 3 Preludia op. 28: nr 1 – C-dur, nr 2 – a-moll, nr 3 – G-dur

Małgorzata Radek (kl. VI/6)
Teacher: Marcelina Pawlak, MA, the Wojciech Kilar State Music School Complex in Katowice
Presented work: Antonin Dvořák (1841-1904) – Walc A-dur op. 54 nr 1

Sebastian Balcerzak (kl. II)
Teacher: Hanna Balcerzak, MA, Fryderyk Chopin Primary and Secondary Music School in Bytom
Presented work: Ignacy Jan Paderewski (1860–1941) – Menuet G-dur op.14 nr 1

*kl. V/6 means a class in the School of Music of the 1st degree, cl. II means a class in the School of Music of the 2nd degree

Event partner

Concerts: 2 September (Friday), 11.30am, Room Universe 1

Evolution of the piano repertoire in the context of the development of the instrument

Piano music would not exist without the piano. It was thanks to the invention of Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655 – 1731) that the development of repertoire for keyboard instruments became possible. The lecture aims to inspire music school students and their teachers, as well as all those interested in piano issues, to deepen their knowledge of the development of the piano repertoire in the context of the evolution of the instrument. It shows the interplay and influence of composers and piano designers.

Marta Polańska – pianist, chamber musician, pedagogue. She was born on 19 June 1984 in Kraków, in a family of academics. She graduated from the Academy of Music in Kraków at the Instrumental Department. She studied with Maria Szylska-Kaszycka, Irena Rolanowska, among others, prof. dr hab. Andrzej Pikul and Prof. Dr. Mirosław Herbowski. She has participated in demonstration lessons and solo and chamber music masterclasses given by eminent professors: Bronisława Kawalla, Andrzej Pikul, Paweł Skrzypek, Roberto Prosseda, Altenberg Trio, Tadeusz Gadzina, Daniel Stabrawa… She has recorded Chopin’s works for TVP Kraków and, together with her brother Marek (violinist) as Polanski Duo, has given several world premieres, including compositions dedicated to them as part of: International Days of Music by Krakow Composers, Sfogato International Music and Art Festival and the International Audio Art Festival. She has given concerts in Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Germany, Italy and Austria. She holds a scholarship from the City of Kraków, she is a laureate of the Award of the Mayor of Wieliczka City and Municipality, she is the founder and president of the Sfogato Music and Art Society, as well as the originator and artistic director of the festivals organised by the Society: the Sfogato International Music and Art Festival, and the Piano e Forte Festival and Piano Competition, which takes place under the honorary and scientific patronage of Prof. Andrzej Pikul and Prof. Benjamin Vogel. She teaches piano classes in music schools of the first and second degree and in her own piano atelier, MartAtelier. She also completed Postgraduate Studies in Journalism and Media Communication at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and Law at the Faculty of Law, Administration and International Relations of the Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow Academy. She has participated in numerous scientific conferences in Poland, the Czech Republic, Greece (Crete), Romania, Slovakia, Italy, France, Austria and the UK, including the XI International Congress on Musical Signification in 2010 in Krakow.

Event partner

Lecture: 2 September (Friday), 12.15 pm, Room Universe 2

How to care for a piano or grand piano

It is a seminar led by Andrzej Kruszewski, founder and president of the Association of Polish Piano Tuners from 2007 to 2018, and is aimed at piano and piano users (including music school teachers).

Andrzej Kruszewski is a graduate of the Technical School of Piano Construction in Kalisz. He has been working in his profession for 30 years. Since the very beginning, he has not only been involved in tuning, restoration and repairing pianos and upright pianos, but also in selling these instruments. He helps with the selection of new instruments and also has a large range of second-hand pianos and grand pianos. Test-ready instruments are available in a warehouse in Grodzisk Mazowiecki near Warsaw. For nearly 30 years he has been running the Artistic Studio pianinafortepiany.eu.
The instruments he prepares have been his most important and best advertisement since the beginning. Initiator of the creation of the Association and its president from 2007 to 2018.

Event organised by the Association of Polish Piano Tuners

Seminar: 2 September (Friday), 1.15pm, Room Universe 2

Second concert for young pianists

Second piano concert performed by young pianists. Six young pianists from all over Poland will perform: Katowice, Tarnowo Podgórne, Radom, Lublin and Chełm (students of music schools of the first and second degree).

Oliwia Witkowska (kl. VI/6)
Teacher: Magda Górecka MA, Stanisław Moniuszko State High School of Music in Katowice
Featured work: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) – Two-voice invention in B minor BWV 786

Daniel Paweł Kaźmierczak (kl. IV/6)
Teacher: Dr. Marzena Wieczorek, Self-Governing Music School of 1st Degree in Tarnowo Podgórne
Featured work: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) – Prelude and fugue in C minor DWK vol. I

Jakub Staniszewski (kl. I)
Teacher: Prof. Joanna Ławrynowicz-Just, Oskar Kolberg Secondary Music School in Radom
Featured work: Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849) – Nocturne in A flat major Op. 32 No. 2

Julia Willner-Paster (kl. I)
Teacher: Dr Hubert Salwarowski, Karol Szymanowski Secondary Music School in Katowice
Featured work: Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849) – Fantaisie-Impromotu in C sharp minor Op. 66

Daniel Rożek (kl. V)
Teacher: Dr. Teresa Księska-Falger, K. Lipiński Primary and Secondary Music School in Lublin
Presented work: Robert Schumann (1810-1856) / Franz Liszt (1811-1886) – Widmung As-dur S.566

Seweryn Julian Szarpak (kl. II)
Teacher: Agnieszka Schulz-Brzyska, Ph.D., Ignacy Jan Paderewski State Music School I and II in Chełm
Featured work: Józef Wieniawski (1837-1912) – Mazurek A – dur op. 23

*kl. V/6 means a class in the School of Music of the 1st degree, cl. II means a class in the School of Music of the 2nd degree

Event partner

Concerts: 2 September (Friday), 2.15 pm , hall Universe 1

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