Practical Harpsichord Service

There is certainly a close relationship between pianoforte and harpsichord technology. In Germany the official denomination for our profession is “Klavier und Cembalobauer” (piano and harpsichord builder), but honestly: who is really familiar with harpsichords, pinets and perhaps also clavichords? Nowadays harpsichords are less common than some decades ago, when this line of business was added to our job description. Only rarely is a harpsichord found in a piano shop, while it was a regular item in the days when I was an apprentice. Today harpsichord players are often do-it yourselves out of necessity. But still piano technicians are faced with such requests, and for example in the opera piano technicians normally have to tune and repair harpsichords.

This class will cover the normal service work that is frequently asked for: Tuning, regulating, replacing single strings and plectra and so on.

Jan Grossbach is a professional piano technician (Klavier- und Cembalobauer in Germany), trained at the Neupert factory in Bamberg in the 1970s. He has been the editor of the Europiano magazine since 1996. Jan also does many other activities, like riding horses.

Event organised by the Association of Polish Piano Tuners

Seminar: 4 September (Sunday), 2.45 pm, Room Hazel

Pitch raising, Myths and Facts

PITCH RAISING, Myths and Facts. A round table discussion on pitch raising, what works, what won’t, and some of the untruths about massive pitch changes. Included will be a discussion of pitch raising techniques.

Wim Blees

Wim Bless started working on pianos in his dad’s shop when he was 12 years old. After he graduated from college and taught band and chorus for six years, he started his full time piano service business in 1977 in St. Louis, Missouri. Then from 2001 – 2007 he was the piano technician for the University of Alabama. In 2007 he and his wife moved to Hawaii, and in 2021 he retired from full time piano work and moved to Florida.

Wim has given lectures at over 55 PTG seminars and conventions on a wide variety of subjects including tuning, repairing, rebuilding and business. He has served on the PTG Board of Directors as the Central West Vice President and was a CTE for many years. In addition to writing numerous articles for the Piano Technicians Journal, he is the author of: the business of piano tuning: a guide to marketing, managing, promoting, buying and selling a piano service business. In 2021 he was awarded Member of Note at the convention in Orlando.

Event organised by the Association of Polish Piano Tuners

Seminar: 3 September (Saturday), 4.30 pm, Room Universe 1

Piano scale, string calculations and acoustical quantities from a piano technician’s perspective

Jarkko Björknäs

Jarkko Björknäs was born in Kaustinen, Finland 1967. He graduated as piano technician in 1991. He started to work as piano technician and also studied educational science in the university of Helsinki and graduated in 1996. He started as a teacher of piano technology in 1997. Subsequent studies he has done in Bösendorfer piano factory in 2001 and in Kawai piano laboratory from where he graduated as Master Piano Artisan 2005. Nowadays he works as a teacher of piano technology in the Helsinki conservatory of music and as a piano technician in the capitol area in Finland.

Event organised by the Association of Polish Piano Tuners

Lecture: 4 September (Sunday), 11.30 am, room Universe 1

Valuable tips and tricks for grand piano regulation

The seminar is about grasping and understanding the connections and processes in the GP mechanics in order to become safe and effective in the regulation.

Joachim Leonardy: In his professional life, Joachim is accompanied by pianos of all kinds and by his seminar participants because of his high level of knowledge called “the Swiss army knife of piano making”.

More quotes from his students:
“He is always able to explain down to the last detail the physical principles underlying grand piano regulation and which the piano maker can consciously apply at his discretion”.
“There is no question that Mr. Leonardy doesn’t know the answer, so we call him “the encyclopedia”.
“All in all, this grand piano mechanics seminar was very helpful for piano builders who have only worked on pianos up to now, or for whom the topic of grand piano mechanics has simply been neglected up to now. But it was also very good and comprehensive for those who waachim has been successfully contributing his experience to JAHN Pianoteile since 2008. He is also active in the field of consulting for well-known German piano manufacturers in the grand piano and upright piano service”.

Event partner

Seminar: 4 September (Sunday), 4.30 pm, Room Hazel

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