Petrof Pianos

PETROF pianos and grand pianos are traditional Czech products. Ever since the establishment of the company in 1864 the company has built over 635,000 instruments. PETROF is a family company operating in 5 continents and exporting their instruments to 65 countries. The pianos are popular among musicians thanks to their incredibly soft, delicate, round and romantic sound. The PETROF piano offer is very wide and sufficient for satisfying demanding customer’s requirements. PETROF frequently commissions custom made instruments accordingly to the customer’s request.

In 1954 PETROF has started their Research and Development Department where their instruments are perfected, measured and tuned meticulously resulting in their acoustic properties.

C. Bechstein

C. Bechstein is a leading European piano manufacturer. The company was established in Berlin in 1853 by Carl Bechstein and quickly grown to a leading brand chosen for great composers like Frans Liszt or Richard Wagner. Claude Debussy has noticed that “piano music should be written only for Bechstein” and world hits like Elton John’s “Your Song” or The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” have been recorded on C. Bechstein.

Today C. Bechstein offers pianos and grand pianos for everyone starting with basic instruments of Zimmerman, European instruments of W. Hoffmann and finishing with highest quality German instruments. C. Bechstein is the largest European piano/grand piano manufacturer and the largest producer of custom hammer heads in western world.

Steingraeber & Söhne

Steingraeber & Sohne has been producing pianos since 1852 in Bayreuth, the city of Wagner Festival. Currently the family firm employs 35 people who work everyday while producing the highest quality handmade instruments. The progress in the world class instrument construction is a result of a long pursuit towards innovation. Steingraeber pianos are played by world-known award-winning musicians. Udo Seingraeber is a representative of the 6th family generation of piano constructors. He has been running the company since 1980.


Japanese company of Yamaha (est. 1887) is one of the most renowned piano/grand piano producers in the whole world. The instruments are famous for their beautiful sound, innovative technical solutions and meeting the most complex pianists’ demands. The vast offer which has grown in 100 years of experience allows the full customization of the instrument towards the desired purpose — concert halls, small music rooms and cozy studies.

CFX concert piano was present on the most important stages in Europe including Berlin Philharmonic, Royal Academy of Music in London or National Music Forum in Wroclaw. The instrument is famous for its meticulous handmade finish, highest quality materials and universal sound which allows the artist to express a whole emotional spectrum in diverse music repertoires.

The instrument is eagerly chosen by the participants of the most prestigious competitions like International Chopin Competition, Piotr Czajkowski’s Competition, Competition in Hamamatsu and many others.


The company of L. Bosendorfer was established in Vienna in 1828 while cultivating the tradition of producing unique pianos which resemble musical masterpieces in the perfection of their construction and the warmth of the sound.

Bosendorfer is the oldest piano manufactory in the world which has always been inspired by the concept of legendary Stradivari violin. Even today, the concert grand pianos are handmade in the largest spectrum possible which clearly reflects in their highest quality. It is worth remembering that ever since the company’s establishment, 85% of the wood composition belongs to a hand-selected and traditionally seasoned European spruce.

Despite their traditional approach in the construction process, Bosendorfer relentlessly works on gradual growth of their production in order to meet the growing popularity in Europe, Asia and USA.

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