WR-Piano was established in 1995 by Wojciech Rosinski who earned much experience while working at Calisia piano manufactory. The company currently employs 20 professional specialists.

Each month we send out approximately 15 mint condition instruments out of the walls of our manufactory. New investments allow us to increase the number of renovated instruments.

Naprawa pianin i fortepianów Sylwester Kowalczyk

My name is Sylwester Kowalczyk and I am a graduate of Technical School of Piano Construction in Kalisz. I have had a pleasure of participating in the lectures on piano constructions conducted by an outstanding piano construction Gustaw Fibiger who is also the founder of Piano and Grand Piano Manufactory “Calisia”.

I have stated my profession at this very manufactory back in 1978 while starting on the position of a constructor. I have been later promoted to become the quality control chief, chief technician and the production chief. Numerous years of experience have provided me with an accurate insight into the instrument construction’s complex aspects.

Having an opportunity to cooperate with C. Bechstein, Blüthner, Petrof and Seiler have deepened and sustained my experience and knowledge.

I am a registered assessor and legal expert in piano constructions. I have also taught professional courses at Technical School of Piano Construction in Kalisz.

Piano Renovation Professional

Piano Renovation Professional S.C. has been a company specializing in music branch since 1986. The company provides piano/grand piano renovations as well as retail of components, parts and accessories. The company owns a license to install “silent play” systems and self-play systems of PianoDisc. Piano Renovation Professional S.C. is an executive representative of Jahn Pianoteile in Poland — a world known company specializing in providing highest quality materials for keyboard instrument renovations.

Piano Studio

Piano Studio has been established in 2002 by Ryszard Marianski — an experienced piano construction technician, a graduate of Technical School of Piano Construction in Kalisz.

The company renovates grand pianos for music schools, community centers and private customers in Poland. Piano Studio has also started cooperating with international clients across Europe.

Interestingly, Piano Studio is one of few companies in Kalisz which owns exclusive paint shop thus the whole process, including the finish and polishing the case, is under constant observation of the company’s employees.

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