Promoting a piano showroom on the Internet – an invention or a necessity?

She will share our knowledge about the trends currently prevailing among customers looking for pianos for sale. She will also explain what impact promoting a piano showroom on Klaviano, on the Internet and customer response time has on sales.

Anna Grochowicka – manager of portal, associated with the project from almost the very beginning, i.e. for eight years. She works mainly on the portal’s development strategy and focuses on actively assisting piano showrooms from all over the world looking for new opportunities to promote their showrooms and pianos online, in order to gain new customers. She has business contacts all over the world, thanks to her openness to hearing from people in the industry and being able to speak in German, English and Polish.

Event partner

Seminar: 4 September (Sunday), 5.15 pm, Room Pine

Paweł Olek

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