Yamaha CFX concert grand piano tuning demonstration

What is piano tuning and why tune at all? Why can’t a piano or pianoforte be tuned by itself like other musical instruments are tuned? What is a tuner’s ear? All these questions will be answered by Michał Bednarski, piano and piano tuner, using the new Yamaha CFX concert grand piano as an example.

Michał Bednarski: Graduated from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music with a Master of Arts degree. He took his first steps in his piano technician career with Steinway & Sons, graduating from the William Steinway Academy and receiving a concert technician diploma from the Theodor Steinway Academy in 2011. From 2013 to the present day, he has worked with Yamaha, graduating with honors from all possible Yamaha piano technician courses, both the European ones and the courses in Japan (grand piano, master and concert grand course). His development was completed with a final course at the Bosendorfer brand factory in Wienner Neustadt in 2022. However, the most important achievement is working alongside some of the world’s most outstanding pianists, in the most demanding concert halls both in Poland and abroad. He trained with his dad and grandfather – 4th generation in the profession.

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Seminar: 2 September (Friday), 15.00, Sequoia room (1st floor)

Piotr Pogorzelski

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