The Comparison of Pin Blocks and Tuning Pins of Various Producers In Piano Renovations

The seminar will cover the explanation of the most popular pin blocks materials and the frequently used tuning pins. We will elaborate on the most popular mistakes made in pin blocks and bass bridge tips in pianos and grand pianos. We will empirically prove that tuning pins with the same dimensions yet various manufacturers present stronger resistance in the pin block’s wood which results in the alteration of the pin block’s sustainability and the tune’s stability. We guarantee that nobody will fall asleep during the seminar.

Wojciech Kozlowski A graduate of Technical School of Grand Piano Construction (class of 1983). Former employee of Piano/Grand Piano Manufactory “Calisia”. He has been running his own business specializing in music industry since 1986. Between 1988 and 1997 he worked at Professional School of Piano Tuners for The Blind and The Dim-Sighted in Krakow as a teacher of tuner’s profession. In the years of 1997–2006 he worked as a tuner in Music School of Sieradz. Since 2006, along with his wife, he has been running a business of Piano Renovation Professional s.c. Which renovates pianos and grand pianos across whole Europe, Japan and the USA. He sells tools, replacement parts and accessories for pianos and grand pianos. He owns a license for installing “silent play” and self-playing systems PianoDisc.
He runs an internet store:
Vice-president of Polish Piano Tuners Association

Event organised by the Association of Polish Piano Tuners

Lecture: 3 September (Saturday), 4.30 pm, Room Hazel

Paweł Olek

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