Piano Congress in just two months

The international congress of piano tuners, manufacturers, retailers and refurbishes will be held in Poland for the first time in history. World-known representatives of the above will meet in Warsaw on September 2nd-4th.

In these three days, 29 lectures and seminars, 3 concerts and 1 documentary film showing will be held. In total the time is to be valued at 27 hours of seminars, 5.5 hours of concerts and an hour of the movie display.

During Piano Congress 26 speakers from the whole world will take their stand at the lectures. Their speeches are to be focused on the overall theme of the congress is “Piano yesterday, today and tomorrow”.

photo: Karolina Olek

The first theme segment is “Piano Yesterday” focuses on historical instruments. We are partnered by Frederic Chopin’s National Institute which not only does organize an inauguration concert at the Royal Castle (historical instruments are to be played during the show) but also heading theoreticians and renovators specializing in Chopin’s time grand pianos will arrive at Warsaw at the invitation of NIFC.

The second theme segment focusing on instruments’ renovation is “Piano Tomorrow”. This relatively fresh branch sparks up a new life in old pianos and grand pianos via overall refurbishment of the instruments. The greatest facility of grand piano renovations has been established in Kalisz at the foundation of grand piano and piano manufactory Arnold Fibiger and later — Calisia. These renovation facilities could serve as unaided instrument factories.

photo: Karolina Olek

The largest renovation facilities process approximately 1000 instruments each year. Numerous representatives of such facilities will speak on the technologies used in instrument’s renovations while the congress is held.

At Piano Congress a special display of a movie “The soul of a piano” directed by Judyta Fibiger will take place. Judyta, a granddaughter of the piano factory owner — Arnold Fibiger, will speak along with her mother Elwira Fibiger as special guests at Piano Congress.

Another guest of honor to attend the congress is Sławomir Zubrzycki — a Polish developer of Viola Organista — a Leonardo Da Vinci’s string grand piano. Piano Congress in Poland is a part of European “Europiano” Congress and Wold Convention IAPBT. The two organizations organize such conventions in Europe (every 3 years) and internationally (every 2 years). Once every 10 years such a double convention takes place in Europe. Polish Piano Tuner Association is an organizer, along with Europiano and IAPBT, of Piano Congress which will be held in Warsaw between September 2nd and September 4th 2022.

Paweł Olek

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