Pianoforte Concert Management

Established in 2005, Pianoforte Concert Management Company deals with the rental of pianos and other keyboard instruments for concerts together with transport and tuning services. Three teams, including a tuner, deliver pianos to concerts all over Poland and Europe almost every day. We also have a Piano Sales Showroom and several practice rooms in Warsaw, 9 Chmielna Street.

The main logistician and tuner in Pianoforte Concert Management company is Mirosław Mastalerz, who has over thirty years of experience in the profession of a piano tuner – equalizer.

At the pianists’ disposal, we have Steinway & Sons pianos (all models), Yamaha pianos (model S6 and C7) and a Malmsjo Grand Banana piano from 1934. In total, more than 10 grand pianos and several upright pianos, a celesta and a harpsichord. We have catered for around 10,000 concerts since our inception.

We cooperate with pianists such as Leszek Mozdzer, Janusz Olejniczak, Waldemar Malicki, Artur Dutkiewicz, Stanisław Soyka, Slawek Jaskulke, Pawel Tomaszewski, Dominik Wania, Kuba Stankiewicz, Krzysztof Herdzin, Krzysztof Dys, Piotr Orzechowski, Marek Bracha, Kamil Pacholec, Jakub Kuszlik, Kasia Pietrzko, Artur Moon and others.

FX Music

FX – Music Group was established in 2002. From the beginning, our goal was to create a wide range of high-end products. Today we successfully import and distribute musical instruments and accessories, as well as pro audio products from renowned manufacturers from the United States, Korea, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, France. We are a representative of manufacturers of the following brands, among others: Seiler, Pramberger, Samick.

Passion Music Salon

Salon Muzyczny Pasja is one of the largest and best-stocked music shops in Warsaw. Customer care and professional service, as well as an individual approach to each customer, ensure that no one will leave us unsatisfied. Passion offers a wide range of musical instruments and accessories, sound equipment and music publications. Our wide range includes: classical, wind, percussion, keyboard and string instruments. Public address equipment from top brands. Microphones, speakers, cookers, mixers, disco lighting. And also publications, sheet music, books and exercises and scores, including classical music.

Australia Piano Supply

Australia’s new specialty supplier of tools, materials and parts to piano technicians, tuners and others in the piano industry. Australia Piano Supply will officially be launched in October 2022 with a growing range of quality products and supplies for the piano professionals.

The origins of Australia Piano Supply go back to 2018, when attempting to replicate a standard wooden felt cutter in a piano workshop. After several attempts highlighting the flaws of the tool, a decision was made to create the best felt cutting device in the piano industry. Ensued a couple of years of R&D and engineering until the improvements were approved by fellow technicians in France and around the world. The first production saw the light of day in August 2022.

Today in Warsaw, we are proud to offer you a world premiere of the best specialist felt cutting tool available to piano technicians – La Guillotine. Come and try it!

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