Knud Danielsen ApS

Knud Danielsen ApS is a global supplier of replacement parts for piano industry. The company was established in Denmark in 1935 and offers a large stock of high quality product for manufacturers, dealers and technicians. The company’s values are integrity, responsibility and reliability and the employees work maintains a high level of service, accuracy and positive work etiquette.
Thanks to a three-generational experience the company constantly expands their high quality product stock alongside with reasonable prices which currently place the company in the top group of European component suppliers. Knud Danielsen ApS remains to be a 100% family company which focuses on tradition, service and quality. More information on the company’s activity and their product offer is to be found at:


Hellerbass started the production of piano bass strings in 1985. The company employs 7 people and supplies their products to renovation studios and bass strings production facilities. The main customer base of the company includes the largest piano retailers in Europe and the worlds as well as the leading piano renovation studios.


Gazelle is an all-in-one software for piano technicians. We help you save your time, amaze the customers and develops the business in the piano service aspect. The project was established in 2014 and cooperates with piano technicians in over 36 countries. Gazelle was founded by Timothy Barnes, Registered Piano technicians and Luke & Nathan Ehresman; a programmer veteran with decades of experiments in creating balanced softwares for large and small organizations. Your success is our mission and we keep working hard to maintain Gazelle’s best software for organization management in piano industry.

Jahn Pianoteile

For the past 74 years Jahn Pianoteile is one of the leading component and accessory supplier for grand pianos. Our customer base includes piano constructors and specialized dealers to whom we internationally provide our products from a warehouse in Europe. We are reliable.
Jahn tools are appreciated and loved by piano constructors in the whole worlds. We live to construct pianos and we follow the trends and innovations in order to share them with our customers.
We are happy to meet you in Warsaw in order to share our opinions and ideas. Jahn will provide multiple innovations for you. Tokiwa mechanical parts play a vital role e.g. the metal Pauello or Hakobe strings along with their CGP Carry System. We will surely amaze you!

Taffijn Piano Supply BV

Taffijn Piano Supply BV is a family company located in Belgium specializing in tools and piano components. We offer professional Reyburn impact and Rigid tuning levers along with Charles Faulk carbon levers + complete components for actions, felt and other piano components.
We focus on implementing innovations via a search for new high quality products. Products of Wessel Nickell & Gross, tools and components for carbon action, Easy Tilt, Klavier-Roller are only few of the products we export to European market. We also provide PLS systems, quiet systems and others.
During the Warsaw congress we will present our Klavier-Roller, a refurbished grand Gaveau (240cm) with a renovated action of Wessel Nickell and Gross and many new products.
We truly hope to meet you there. You can find a full range of our products at

Piano Life Saver

Piano Life Saver is created by employees of Dampp-Chaser Corporation, a three-generational family company which produces and supports products whose purpose is the control of the moisture of the valuable products. Damp-Chaser technology originating in our headquarters in Hendersonville NC solves the issues of mold in both closets and priceless pianos in famous music spots across the world. We hold the company’s reputation of the high quality products and the best customer service thanks to a direct and frequent communication with our clients and technical specialists.

MiQralon AB/ LTd

MiQralon AB/ LTd is committed to a passion for the piano both musically and technically. MiQralon has been developing CONCERT VEIL – the anti-reflection for more than 4 years with a focus on the quality of this product. In 2019, the company holds the patent for Concert Veil at the same time as developing further challenging products for keyboard instruments, together with Chalmers – Gothenburg.


What started as a small workshop in 1882 has grown into a global company 140 years later. Renner’s guiding motivation of bringing the best possible piano actions to customers around the world has made us friends everywhere we go – friends who remain as loyal to us as they do to their own principles. We are always incorporating new technical and musicological knowledge into our design and production practices, and we strive to improve the quality of our products whenever possible. Though Louis Renner and his descendants came from humble beginnings, their ambition and inventiveness propelled the company to unparalleled international success.

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