Creating Estimates That Sell

You shouldn’t have to feel like a pushy sales person to get your clients to choose to invest in their piano. Creating estimates that sell is all about staying true to who you are, avoiding the curse of knowledge, and utilizing the full power of tools like Gazelle in your business. Whether you are recommending a full rebuild on a historical instrument or maintaining a new one, if you follow the proven steps we outline in this class you can go from someone who avoids recommending extra services except when necessary, to someone who regularly has engaging conversations with clients eager to have their piano perform at a higher level as they advance in their own musical journey.

Timothy Barnes is a guild certified Registered Piano Technician in the United States. With a degree in Economics from the University of North Carolina Charlotte and nearly two decades in the piano service industry; his vision, experience, and leadership is what paved the way for Gazelle to become the only all-in-one business management software for piano technicians. From 2003-2021 Timothy worked as a full time piano technician who founded and ran The Well-Loved Piano Company, trained numerous technicians. In 2015 he co-founded Gazelle which is now his full time focus as he works with the team at Gazelle helping piano technicians grow their business in over 36 countries.
Over the last two decades Timothy has written many articles for the Piano Technicians Journal, taught classes every year at the Piano Technicians Guild national and regional events, and served on various committees and in chapter leadership. Outside the piano world Timothy resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife Rachel and their four young kids. 

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Seminar: 3 September (Saturday), 4.30 pm, Room Pine

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