How to design a new upright piano

Development never stops. Is there anything we can improve?

Tadeáš Doskočil was born in 1990 in Hradec Králové. After his unsuccessful studies in grammar school, he found his feet in the Secondary Arts School of musical instruments and furniture. He graduated as a piano technician in 2011. After graduation, he decided to expand his knowledge at Mendel University in Brno, where he finished the Wood processing technology and management study program. During his master’s studies, he worked in PETROF as a junior Technologist and got a few internships in different piano workshops. After his master’s studies, he decided to improve his language skills in the United Kingdom. When he returned from the UK, he worked for the PETROF piano company in the Department of Research and Development. Since he started his career there, he took part in all of the new pianos produced in PETROF, and he is slowly learning to be a piano designer.​

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Lecture: 4 September (Sunday), 10.45 am, room Universe 1


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