Piano scale, string calculations and acoustical quantities from a piano technician’s perspective

Jarkko Björknäs

Jarkko Björknäs was born in Kaustinen, Finland 1967. He graduated as piano technician in 1991. He started to work as piano technician and also studied educational science in the university of Helsinki and graduated in 1996. He started as a teacher of piano technology in 1997. Subsequent studies he has done in Bösendorfer piano factory in 2001 and in Kawai piano laboratory from where he graduated as Master Piano Artisan 2005. Nowadays he works as a teacher of piano technology in the Helsinki conservatory of music and as a piano technician in the capitol area in Finland.

Event organised by the Association of Polish Piano Tuners

Lecture: 4 September (Sunday), 11.30 am, room Universe 1


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