National Frederic Chopin Institute to partner Piano Congress

Polish Piano Tuners Association has signed an agreement with National Frederic Chopin Institute whose purpose is to join forces in organizing Piano Congress.

National Frederic Chopin Institute will hold the position of Piano Congress partner in one of the three main theme aspects of the congress. It is to organize an inauguration concert at Warsaw Royal Castle along with a training on historical piano intonation with Paul McNulty.

Inauguration concert
National Frederic Chopin Institute will organize a special concert at Warsaw Royal Castle on September 2nd, exclusively for Piano Congress guests. The winners of The First International Chopin Competition will perform on historical instruments. Tomasz Ritter and Aleksandra Świgut will play the historical pianos delivered by Frederic Chopin Institute.

Historical Piano Intonation Workshop
On 2 September, the Fryderyk Chopin Institute will host a training course in historical piano intonation. During the training, under the guidance of Paul McNulty, participants will be able to practice intonation on pianos from the NIFC collection.

Grand Piano Yesterday
National Frederic Chopin Institute has partnered up with Polish Piano Tuners Association in the theme of “Grand Piano Yesterday”. This part of the congress focuses on historical instruments. Five lecturers invited by Chopin Institute will conduct lectures and seminars during the congress. On September 3rd, Benjamin Vogel will tell us about the history of the grand piano and Gert Hecher will share his thoughts on most popular issues in piano reconstructions. Olivier Fadini will focus on Pleyel pianos in the Parisian period of Chopin’s work, and Paul McNulty will answer the question of how to fix Vienna pianos problems. On September 4th we will focus on a replica of Buchholtz piano — the last Warsaw piano ever used by Frederic Chopin himself. Paul McNulty, the creator of the replica, will tell us the story of this instrument. Andrzej Wlodarczyk, a Polish piano renovator specializing in historical pianos, will conduct two seminars —one of which will focus on 1846 Broadwood Piano renovation and the other will tell the details of Karl and Seidler piano.

About National Frederic Chopin Institute
National Frederic Chopin Institute (NFCI) was established in 2001 while following the legal act of February 3rd 2001 on the protection of Frederic Chopin’s legacy. It is the largest Chopin center on Earth which promotes, protects, does research and promotes Chopin’s legacy. The institute is the organizer of International Piano Competition of Frederic Chopin every 5 years in Warsaw along with International Music Festival — Chopin And His Europe. Since 2018, NFCI has also been organizing the National Chopin Competition on Historical Instruments. In 2020 NFCI has been obliged to publish the names of piano tuners in a document aimed at Polish Piano Tuners Association and encouraged other cultural institutions to follow this practice. It is an element of a program designed to raise the cultural awareness of the importance of a tuner’s job. The program has been conducted by Polish Piano Tuners Association.

The picture present the Chopin Center and the Museum of Frederic Chopin, pic. NFCI

Paweł Olek

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