Petrof Pianos

PETROF upright and grand pianos are traditional products from the Czech Republic. Since its founding in 1864, the company has built more than 635.000 instruments. PETROF is a family-run firm that trades in 5 continents and exports to more than 65 countries the world over. Their pianos are popular among musicians for their unusually soft, gentle, rounded, and romantic tone. The portfolio of grand and upright pianos known under the PETROF name is very wide and sufficient for the requirements of a diverse group of customers. It is, however, quite usual for PETROF to build instruments exactly in line with customers’ wishes.

In 1954 PETROF founded its Department of Research and Development where they further perfect their instruments and measure and fine-tune every part of the piano that affects its acoustic properties.



Steingraeber & Söhne

Steingraeber & Söhne has been making uprights and grand pianos in the Wagner Festival city of Bayreuth since 1852. At present, the family owned business has thirty-five employees who produce top quality, handcrafted instruments on a daily basis. Advancements in the construction of world-class instruments are the result of the continuous desire to innovate. Internationally recognized artists play Steingraeber pianos, which are regularly crowned with prizes throughout the world. Udo Steingraeber represents the sixth generation of Steingraeber piano builders. He has led the company since 1980.



Knud Danielsen ApS

Knud Danielsen ApS is a global supplier of piano spare parts for the industry.

The company was established in Denmark in 1935 and offers a wide range of quality products to manufacturers, dealer`s and technicians.

The company basic principles are reliability, honesty, responsibility and daily work by management and employees is performed with a high level of service, accuracy, and positive work ethic.

With three generations of experience, the company is continuously expanding their assortment of quality products at competitive prices, which today place the company among Europe’s leading suppliers of piano and grand piano parts. Knud Danielsen ApS remains a 100% family-owned business for which tradition, service and quality are paramount. You can find more information about the company’s activities and product range at its website www.knuddanielsen.dk


Hellerbass began producing piano bass strings in 1985. Today, Hellerbass with its seven employees supplies repair shops and branches of the piano manufacturing industry with bass strings for upright and grand pianos. Among our established clientele are leading piano restoration workshops and some of the biggest piano retailers in Europe and overseas.




Gazelle is an all-in-one software for piano technicians. We help you save time, wow your customers, and grow your piano service business. Established in 2014 and currently serves piano technicians in over 36 countries. Gazelle was founded by Timothy Barnes, a Registered Piano Technician and Luke & Nathan Ehresman; veteran software developers with decades of experience developing sustainable software for large and small organizations. Your success is our mission, and it’s what keeps us working hard to keep making Gazelle the best business management software it can be for the piano service industry.



We are an industry portal and sales channel that has been in existence since February 2014, dedicated to connecting sellers and buyers of pianos or grand pianos. We are engaged in promoting online more than 1200 piano showrooms from all over the world providing them with coverage within their country or worldwide. We seek solutions through online services to enable piano salons, piano technicians and piano tuners, piano manufacturers and piano transport companies to grow their business. We also offer services to promote piano listings for sale to private advertisers. We are pleased to support Piano Congress as a media partner for the event in September 2022.




Piano Life Saver

Piano Life Saver is made by the employees at Dampp-Chaser Corporation, a third generation family-owned business that manufactures and supports products which provide humidity control for things that matter to you. From our headquarters and manufacturing facility in Hendersonville NC, Dampp-Chaser technology solves problems ranging from mildew in your closets to protecting priceless grand pianos in famous music venues worldwide. Direct frequent contact with consumers and technical professionals have earned us a reputation for unparalleled product quality and exceptional customer service.


Piano Renovation Professional

Piano Renovation Professional S.C. has specialized in the music industry since 1986. The company renovates pianos and grand pianos, sells tools, parts and accessories for pianos and grand pianos. It holds licenses for the installation of “silent playing” systems and PianoDisc self-playing systems. Piano Renovation Professional S.C. is the sole agent of Jahn Pianotaile company in Poland, famous all over the world for high quality of supplied materials for the repair of keyboard instruments.



WR-Piano was founded in 1995 by Wojciech Rosinski, who gained experience in the Calisia piano factory. Currently, the company employs 20 specialists who are perfect in their craft.

Every month, about 15 instruments that look like new leave our workshop. New investments will allow us to increase the number of repaired instruments.


Naprawa pianin i fortepianów Sylwester Kowalczyk

My name is Sylwester Kowalczyk. I am a graduate of the Secondary Technical School of Piano Construction in Kalisz. My lecturer in professional subjects and the construction of pianos and grand pianos was an excellent piano builder Gustaw Fibigier, who was also the founder of the “CALISIA” Piano and Grand Piano Factory.

In this factory in 1978 I started my professional work, starting from the position of a constructor, through the chief of quality control, chief technologist, up to the chief of production. The long years of work allowed me to learn in depth the knowledge and secrets of instrument construction.

Contacts with companies such as C.Bechstein, Blüthner, Petrof, Seiler, have further consolidated and broadened the experience gained.

I have the qualifications of an expert and forensic expert in the field of piano and upright piano construction. For many years I have taught vocational subjects at the Technical College of Piano Construction in Kalisz.


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