Japanese company of Yamaha (est. 1887) is one of the most renowned piano/grand piano producers in the whole world. The instruments are famous for their beautiful sound, innovative technical solutions and meeting the most complex pianists’ demands. The vast offer which has grown in 100 years of experience allows the full customization of the instrument towards the desired purpose — concert halls, small music rooms and cozy studies.
CFX concert piano was present on the most important stages in Europe including Berlin Philharmonic, Royal Academy of Music in London or National Music Forum in Wroclaw. The instrument is famous for its meticulous handmade finish, highest quality materials and universal sound which allows the artist to express a whole emotional spectrum in diverse music repertoires.
The instrument is eagerly chosen by the participants of the most prestigious competitions like International Chopin Competition, Piotr Czajkowski’s Competition, Competition in Hamamatsu and many others.

Paweł Olek

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