Naprawa pianin i fortepianów Sylwester Kowalczyk

My name is Sylwester Kowalczyk. I am a graduate of the Secondary Technical School of Piano Construction in Kalisz. My lecturer in professional subjects and the construction of pianos and grand pianos was an excellent piano builder Gustaw Fibigier, who was also the founder of the “CALISIA” Piano and Grand Piano Factory.

In this factory in 1978 I started my professional work, starting from the position of a constructor, through the chief of quality control, chief technologist, up to the chief of production. The long years of work allowed me to learn in depth the knowledge and secrets of instrument construction.

Contacts with companies such as C.Bechstein, Blüthner, Petrof, Seiler, have further consolidated and broadened the experience gained.

I have the qualifications of an expert and forensic expert in the field of piano and upright piano construction. For many years I have taught vocational subjects at the Technical College of Piano Construction in Kalisz.

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